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Some important dates:

- Odile will defend her thesis on 30 March at 02:30 pm in Coléou amphitheater on "Providing food choices During a meal: the impact on food likingand food intake"
- Amber will defend her thesis on April 1 at 02:00 pm in Dumont amphitheatre entitled "Nutritional supplementation of arginine in healthy subjects with risk factors for metabolic syndrome: metabolism of dietary arginine and impact on endothelial function."
- EMBO Workshop on Neural Control of Metabolism and Eating Behavior, will be held next May 5 and 7 in Cascais (Portugal) (http://events.embo.org/16-neural-circuit/)

New publications:

High True Ileal Digestibility but Not Postprandial Utilization of Nitrogen from Bovine Meat Protein in Humans Is Moderately Decreased by High-Temperature, Long-Duration Cooking. Oberli M, Marsset-Baglieri A, Airinei G, Santé-Lhoutellier V, Khodorova N, Rémond D, Foucault-Simonin A, Piedcoq J, Tomé D, Fromentin G, Benamouzig R, Gaudichon C. J Nutr (2015).
High dietary protein decreases fat deposition induced by high-fat and high-sucrose diet in rats. Chaumontet C, Even PC, Schwarz J, Simonin-Foucault A, Piedcoq J, Fromentin G, Azzout-Marniche D, Tomé D. Br J Nutr (2015).
The MAM'Out project: a randomized controlled trial to assess multiannual and seasonal cash transfers for the prevention of acute malnutrition in children under 36 months in Burkina Faso. Tonguet-Papucci A, Huybregts L, Ait Aissa M, Huneau JF, Kolsteren P. BMC Public Health (2015).
Rats Prone to Obesity Under a High-Carbohydrate Diet have Increased Post-Meal CCK mRNA Expression and Characteristics of Rats Fed a High-Glycemic Index Diet. Chaumontet C, Azzout-Marniche D, Blais A, Chalvon-Dermersay T, Nadkarni NA, Piedcoq J, Fromentin G, Tomé D, Even PC. Front Nutr (2015).

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